Our Congregation

Our Congregation It was in the middle of the XIX century. In Portugal as in the whole of Europe, everything is in a process of industrialization. The impoverished multitudes become a source of cheap labor who are exploited and sacrificed unscrupulously by the rich and the powerful. There is a constant increase n increase of the socially challenged, victims of sickness and epidemics, alcohol, illiteracy, moral degradation…The merciful and providential glance of God sees the misery of the Portuguese people and His spirit deposits seeds of the Gospel in the chosen and consecrated hearts of: Raimundo Maria Ferreira da Silva Beirão and Libânia do Carmo Galvão Mexia de Moura Teles e Albuquerque. The Congregation was founded in Portugal in 1871.

Under the missionary zeal of Mother Maria Clara of Child Jesus and Rev. Fr. Raimundo dos Anjos Beirão, the sisters traveled through Europe and ventured out into the three continents of the world – Africa, Asia and America to be the Franciscan Hospitaller presence and to build the Tent of Hospitality in welcoming in Joy and Simplicity the children of God through their service in the society and Church responding to the signs of times. Presently the Sisters are serving in all the five Continents.

Our First Sisters from Portugal set foot on Indian soil on 24th May 1886 in Goa. From there, the Congregation spread to the different parts of the country, caring for the various needs of the people through schools, hospitals, homes for the elderly, crèches, orphanages, schools for the mentally challenged and other social service centers living the charism of our Congregation "LUCERE ET FOVERE - TO ILLUMINE AND TO WARM"

Our Saints