Principal’s Advice

1. Be God-fearing remember, all true wisdom begins and ends in God.

2. Never waste a minute of your time. Time is precious. Never seed excuses for being absent from school. Don’t day-dream but keep your mind on your books. Always be in time for school.

3. Follow up on daily study. Do not leave everything to the time of examinations. Never be afraid of asking for further explanations from your teachers.

4. Make friends with students who will help you both by work and example. Keep away from bad and lazy company.
5. Take part in Games. Recreation serves to refresh your mind and gives you new energy for study. Never study during your recreation time. On the other hand do not give yourself up entirely to games, especially at the cost of your study.

6. Do not flinch in the face of difficulty. Tackle your difficulties with courage.

7. When studying keep your mind only on your books. Do not take on too many activities that may hamper your studies. If you read, read useful books. Do not develop a craze for comics.

8. Always share your fears and apprehensions with somebody . First approach your parents or your teachers. The direct approach is usually the best, talk to the Principal.

9. Make a serious attempt to refine your personality. Good manners, courtesy, honesty, truthfulness, obedience, a soft well modulated voice, a clean and pressed uniform, polished shoes and well groomed hair are the impressive aspects you can concentrate on while in the school. Practice these at home, with your friends and relatives, and then watch the magical change.


1. English is the medium of instruction in the school. Teachers and staff will encourage students to speak in English. The second language may be used during the second language periods. Students will be expected to speak in English at all other times. If a relevant degree of perfection is to be achieved in the language, then practice is the only way.

2. No student is allowed to leave the school premises except on the strength of a written request by the parent/guardian and due authorization from the Principal.

3. No books (other than text or library book) newpapers, periodicals or magazines, may be brought to the school premises without the Principal’s sanction.

4. Electronic gadgets of any kind, including mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the school premises. Violation of this rule will lead to confiscation of the items and immediate suspension.

5. No collection for any purpose whatsoever is to be started and no meeting, party or picnic may be held, without the previous permission of the Principal.

6. The school uniform must be worn on school days and at school functions. On drill days House “T” shirts with the prescribed P. T. uniform is to be worn.

7. No leave or absence is granted except on previous written application from the parents or guardians and that only for serious reasons. This should be done in the prescribed “Leave Record” in the calendar.